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Invisalign® Clear Aligners for Adults in the East Lansing, Grand Ledge, and DeWitt, Michigan Areas

Learn Why We Are The Best Invisalign® Provider in DeWitt, Michigan

You wake up in the morning, smile at yourself, and wish that you could change that one tooth, or perhaps an overbite you’ve had since you were a child. We understand… we’ve all been there! At West Family Orthodontics, we will carefully listen to all of your smile concerns, so that we can provide you with the best experience. Our philosophy? You’re never too old to have your dream smile! 

There are so many benefits to Invisalign® clear aligners. They are soft, flexible, and comfortable to wear. Additionally, they are practically invisible, and you can easily remove them, which makes eating, brushing, and going about your everyday life even easier! Dr. West’s expertise and one-of-a-kind treatment plan enables her to deliver exceptional results with treatment times that can be 50% faster than that of traditional braces! 

If you’re in the East Lansing, Grand Ledge, or DeWitt, MI area and want to find out if Invisalign® for adults is right for you, request your complimentary virtual or in-office consultation today.

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Say Goodbye to Messy, Goopy Impressions and Hello to West Smile 3D

Ever heard of those nasty, goopy impression trays that were used back in the day? Here at West Family Orthodontics, those days are OVER! With our state-of-the-art West Smile 3D, we can take a digital impression of your smile in just a few short minutes! The best part? We can even show you what your smile is going to look like after treatment!

Our patients love West Smile 3D – and you will too!

West 3D Smile - Real-time 3D Imaging Scan - West Family Orthodontics

3D Imaging

West Smile 3D's cutting edge technology creates a real-time 3D scan of your mouth in just minutes.

West 3D Smile - Real-time 3D Imaging Scan - West Family Orthodontics


The increased accuracy of West Smile 3D means fewer re-adjustments and better results for you.

West 3D Smile - Real-time 3D Imaging Scan - West Family Orthodontics

Visual Progress

With our West Smile 3D technology, we can track your progress at every appointment.

Invisalign® for Adults: Don't Compromise Your Life STyle For Your Dream Smile

We get it. Life is busy, and you don’t always have time to do everything you need to! Well, that’s where we come in. When you get Invisalign® at West Family Orthodontics, you will experience treatment times that are up to 50% faster, as well as the option for digital monitoring, which can cut your appointments in half.  

Invisalign® treatment at West Family Orthodontics is perfect for any and every adult, no matter their age! We believe you are never too old to achieve your most beautiful smile. Plus, you’ll have fun doing it with our amazing staff! 

Want to know more about Invisalign®? Schedule your complimentary virtual or in-office consultation, and let’s get you the smile of your dreams!

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