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Why Patients Love West Family Orthodontics for Their Braces and Invisalign Treatments

At West Family Orthodontics, we have two driving goals. The first is to deliver outstanding results so that our patients leave with big, healthy, beautiful smiles. The second is to make sure they have an amazing patient experience during treatment. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our 5-star Google reviews and then watch as some of our patients explain in their own words what their experiences were like.

“Hi, I’m Janet, and I am going through Invisalign in Dr. West’s office. I’m so excited. I’m going to have straight teeth and hopefully my gums will feel as well. Love her, love the staff, and I’m just so excited for this to end in a year and a half. Go for it, you’ll love it.”

“Hi, I’m Jasmine, I’m here at West Family Orthodontics and I have Invisalign. My favorite part about it is I really didn’t think I was going to work out at first, compared to braces, but after a few weeks, I could already tell the change. It was weird getting the notches put on; there was a weird process. But now that I’m done with it, I really like it. I had overlapping front teeth and now they’re completely straight. It worked out amazingly.”

“Hi, I’m Phil Morgan. I’m at West Family Orthodontics, and I just finished my treatment and have been very, very happy with it. It’s amazing how quickly the teeth moved and it was fun to watch it move week to week and I really wasn’t that much of a hassle and I really liked the idea that you can take them out to have a meeting when you needed to and you know what, actually pretty quick just loved it.”

“Hi, I am Veera. If you are afraid of the dentist, you’re my type of person. But I can tell you right now, as afraid as I was, I always wanted to get my teeth straightened in here. So I decided to come to Dr. West. I met them at the Women’s Expo in Lansing, back in February of 2020. They were very nice to me from the moment I came into contact with them all the way through the process… I recommend her. I don’t care where you are in the state of Michigan, just give her a call.”

Now that you’ve heard from some of our patients, Dr. West would love to talk to you about your own smile concerns. Give us a call at (517) 507-3001 or go click to schedule your complimentary in-office or virtual consultation.

West Family Orthodontics has been proudly serving the DeWitt, East Lansing, and Grand Rapids, Michigan communities since 1999. We offer a range of adult, teen, and early orthodontic services including braces and Invisalign.